Woon Ket Wong

Software Engineer

"I love crafting applications on top of pre-existing libraries and

tools in a MVC framework. By not reinventing the wheel, and

with a clear, separated code structure, it makes tackling ambitious

projects fun and fast!" - Woon Ket


Instagram Geo Post

Tech stack: Node, Express, Angular

This is a single page web app that gets a list of photos in a location from Instagram public search API. Once the data is retrieved, they are displayed on the browser as a 'deck of cards'. The design makes use of CSS3 animations and transitions to exhibit creative animation.

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Slot Machine

Tech stack: Node, Express, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

This slot machine with three reels award drinks (coffee, tea, or espreso). The first reel has a coffee maker, a teapot, and an espresso machine. The second reel has a coffee filter, a tea strainer, and an espresso tamper. The third reel has coffee grounds, loose tea, and ground espresso beans.

When the spin button is clicked, the slot machine goes into action. Each reel spins and randomly stops on one of the three options. If the user is lucky, the three reels will line up and she will be rewarded with a tasty hot beverage.

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Credentialed Care Job Marketplace

Tech stack: Node, Express, Angular, MongoDB

Developed a job marketplace hub from scratch that allowed for searching based on geospatial information. The work provided the base tech for a seed funded early stage startup.

Client was very satisfied with the deliverables, and planned to demo the product to potential investors.

Customized a popular open source authentication library, Passport, to allow for two authentication networks.

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True Buddha Vijaya Temple

Tech stack: WordPress, HTML, JavaScript

Developed and maintained a landing page for a non-profit organization, True Buddha Vijaya Temple. Using my JavaScript and HTML skills, I integrated the site's WordPress image slider, navigation bar, and content sections.

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Datsy CSV Table API

Tech stack: Node, Express, Backbone, Postgres

Led the RESTful API design that allowed a user to query meta data, tags and column data from uploaded CSV files. Also implemented the user portal, allowing signup and authentication.

APIs were adopted successfully by another team to develop data visualization features.

Submitted fix to a popular open source ORM, JugglingDB. The fix updated the ORM’s spec description in initializing PostgreSQL schema and setting attributes in table. The fix was accepted and merged to the master repo.

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Open Source Contribution

"We highly appreciate working with Woon Ket in building our web application. He was driven and fun to work with. At the end, he made excellent architectural decisions and delivered high quality features!"
— Christina Lam, co-founder and CEO at Global Express Transport

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